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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Possibly the hardest part of our decision to homeschool was having the confidence to say, you know what, I CAN do this and I can do a darn good job at it too.  I'm still working on this.  It is so easy to look at public school and say, well, sure they have problems but they also kind of have it all covered, academics-wise with teachers who actually study this and have often taught for years.  I may be college-educated, but I am still stumpted by 95% of the questions my 4-year-old asks me on a daily basis!  Then again, I was in school to be a teacher too and I sure didn't know it all-in fact, that kind of knowledge can really only be gained with experience, which I soon will have as we start this journey.  My kids and I might learn together, but then again, isn't that the great thing about homeschooling? 

I still have moments of panic-like when I saw a fellow homeschoolers blog with kids the same age as mine-complete with a spreadsheet marking out her math and history curriculum plan for the year.  Let's just say that I, um, do NOT have a similar plan.  But really, I"m okay with that.  This doesn't make me a slacker, it just means we have different plans and ideas and another great thing about homeschooling is that we both get to do what we want and it is OKAY!  So, we will head on into this year with not much of a plan, but lots of good ideas and hopes and dreams.  I hope somebody who stumbles across this little blog enjoys following our progress and development-we are excited to experience and share it-with confidence!

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