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Friday, July 13, 2012

Life has been pretty crazy lately.  Mama has been working late at night, leading to some cranky mornings.  Do you ever notice how the days when you especially need to just be left alone, the kids pick up on this crabby vibe and respond by being extra special needy? Oh boy.  This has led to some serious situations the past few days/weeks, often culminating in my feeling angry and frustrated, and then guilty.  It is hard to be patient and kind and loving all day long when all you want to do is just sit down and rest quietly alone, with no little monkeys climbing all over you and clamoring for attention. 

We've been trying to keep busy, since those lull moments are often the hardest.  Lots of outdoor time, lots of running around and playing while mama tries to get the laundry hung up or the garden weeded.  Not a whole lot of schooling going on lately, though C (my 5-year-old) has been asking for lots of science experiments and "fun" math.  Those, of course, were my two least favorite subjects as a kid, so it is funny to see her so into it.  She is still refusing to practice anything having to do with reading, but will sit and listen to me read for as long as my voice can hold out!  I am making peace with not keeping up well with my planned lessons for the summer, but hoping that we can overcome this period of exhaustion to plan some fun stuff for the fall. 

And really, what else do kiddos need in the summer besides sunshine, daily raspberry picking in the yard, and watching our garden grow? They are happy, healthy, and growing, and I am just trying to remember how amazing they are even in the midst of desperately needing some quiet time of my own.  Time really does move too fast!

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