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Monday, April 16, 2012

Loving Summer

There is something about this burst of summer weather that is so uplifting and motivating.  The last few weeks have found us to be either crazy busy with birthdays, special events, etc. or unable to get the energy to do...well, anything.  At first, I was panicking about nothing getting done.  Then I was letting it go and being okay with taking a few weeks off of schooling and just focusing on getting the basics together and actually enjoying said birthdays and special events.  But after a week of recovery last week that I mostly spent reading on the couch and being tired and dreary, I finally pulled myself together with a little help from the goregous, sunny, 80-degree weather kind of day we had today. 

So what do I consider a productive day?  Well, let me tell you, I felt like super woman today and I don't want to hear any evidence to the contrary!  Somewhere around 6 or 7 loads of laundry washed and hung out on the line? Check! (The scariest part is the number of loads still to go--eeek!).  Simple and fun reading/phonics game thought of, created, and played with daughter? Check!  (Finally got her interested again!) Just-for-fun cupcakes made? Check!  Cleaned out (very filthy) car? Check!  Played in sprinkler with kiddos? Check!  I feel like I am missing a few things, but rest assured that this was a hugely productive day compared to last week! Plus, I ended the day with the majority of the house straightened up and no dishes in the sink-always a treat in the morning. 

Maybe the difference wasn't just the weather, but the fact that we were up and out of the house early for us taking step-daughter to school and stopping for bagels.  But don't worry, this will not stop me from lounging over my morning coffee tomorrow :) 

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