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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wild and Crazy

I'm off on a crazy new adventure-taking the kids camping on my own! I'm so excited to get away for a few days without work, laundry, and yes, computers and TV, as distractions.  I managed to break my smartphone a few weeks ago (electronics and I are allergic to one another!) and I grabbed a cheap and outdated replacement for the time being, so I will even be without Facebook and email easily accessible.  The kids are so excited to have mama all to themselves too-I've been stressed about money and picking up extra hours at work while we are on our "summer vacation" from homeschooling.

We are heading to the beach, sleeping in a tent, and planning lots of time playing, hiking, and enjoying each other's company (and lots of s'mores of course!).  I had never camped as a kid, and I've never gone as the only adult, but I am feeling proud of myself for booking the trip anyway and am ready for the challenge.  Cross your fingers that I have good weather and I'll check back in to let you know how it goes.  Happy summer!

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