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Monday, August 4, 2014

Running Late

Confession: I am late for nearly everything.  Or else I'm really early.  Or I'm dashing in just barely on time but totally flustered and stressed out.  Luckily, people are kind to me and I mostly never miss anything truly important (see, sometimes really early because I'm super paranoid about being late for something!).  But apparently this even applies to my spring cleaning, which I'm just now starting in August.

Do you ever have those overwhelmed moments when nothing will do but to clear out a room and start fresh? I had that last week.  Life has been so crazy busy lately, and I'm often so tired that in my free moments I just don't have it in my to put away a load of laundry or mop the floors.  But instead of tackling the more mundane tasks, I decided to use my Saturday morning while the kids were with their dad to clean my room.  That's right, my own room, which hasn't gotten any love since I moved in here a year ago, except to jam more extra stuff in the closet and under the bed and anywhere else I could put it.  It seems like mama's bedroom can be a reflection of the rest of life, since it often gets the least personal attention and gets it last, if at all.  There were literally bags of papers and things hidden in there that I had packed haphazardly when I moved out of ex's house last summer that I had never opened, now a for a year plus.

In any case, it did take the whole morning.  And I wanted to quit almost as soon as I started.  But boy oh boy did it feel good to have a functional and clean space when I as done.  I got rid of two full garbage bags of old papers and junk, donated a bag of clothes, and put two more bags of clothes into storage until the winter (and/or until I lose 10 pounds, hah!).

And my kids came home and were so excited.  We all sleep in my room, and they love to play in there no matter what it looks like, but my daughter made sure to tell me that she was "so glad" I cleaned my room for them this weekend :) It's just one room, and maybe I'll run really late and wait until the actual srping to continue my cleaning spree, but hey, it's the little things, right?

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